Why Is My AC Tripping My Circuit Breaker in Mission Hills, CA?

Your AC should never trip your circuit breaker. This is a frustrating problem that any homeowner in Mission Hills, CA, may encounter at any time. To help you navigate it, here are a few explanations for why your AC might be tripping your circuit breaker.

Dirty Air Filters

As your AC removes pollutants from the air that flows through it, those pollutants will stick to the mesh of its filters. After enough of such dirt and debris tack onto the mesh, they can begin to impede airflow.

Decreased airflow means that less treated air will find its way into your home. Your thermostat may react to the fact that your AC isn’t cooling your home as expected by sending a signal to your system. Your AC will then start straining and consuming more power.

If it eats up enough electricity, it can trip your circuit breaker. To help prevent this, remember to change your filters about once every three months.

Compressor Concerns

Your AC’s compressor pulls in lots of electricity when it starts up, but issues with this component may cause it to pull in too much. Debris may get into the compressor and hamper its functioning or damage its electrical wiring, for instance. If that happens, you’ll need a repair technician to remove the debris and fix the wiring.

If your AC repeatedly trips your circuit breaker for any reason, it’ll be difficult to remain comfortable in your home this summer. Call Air Plus HVAC, Inc. and schedule our professional AC repair and maintenance services today in Mission Hills, CA.

Air Plus HVAC Inc. was founded with a heavy emphasis on honesty and integrity, That means we take tremendous pride in providing outstanding customer service. Our annual membership agreement includes a 21-point inspection and we provide a 3-month parts and labor warranty or all repair services.

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