Why Heat Pumps are Better Than Gas Electric Systems

When it’s time to replace or upgrade your HVAC system, you have a few choices. You can install an electric or gas heating system or go the heat pump route. In this post, you’ll learn why more people are choosing heat pump installation in North Hollywood, CA.

Heat Pumps Are More Energy-Efficient

The Department of Energy estimates that for the average house, 29% of its energy costs come from heating and cooling the home. That’s nearly a third of your energy costs. Unlike electric and gas systems, heat pumps transfer more energy than they use. In a climate like Southern California’s, where temperatures remain fairly mild, high-efficiency heat pumps use less source energy compared to electric and gas furnaces.

The primary reason heat pumps are more efficient is they don’t produce heated or cooled air like electric and gas HVAC systems. Instead, they transfer heat and, depending on the pump’s mode, it heats or cools your home. The pump uses existing heat, whether that’s inside the home or out, to control your home’s interior climate. Since heat pumps transfer heat, they use less energy and heat or cool your home more precisely, leading to cheaper energy costs.

Heat Pumps Breakdown Less Often

Well-maintained heat pumps break down less frequently than electric or gas systems because they have fewer parts. With fewer parts comes fewer chances for mechanical failure. The surest way to safeguard against unexpected breakdowns is to schedule twice-a-year maintenance with qualified HVAC professionals. Professional maintenance also keeps your heating and cooling costs lower because the pump isn’t struggling to do its job because it’s dirty or in disrepair.

Speak with Qualified HVAC Professionals Today

If you’re new to the idea of heat pumps, the best way to get all your questions answered is to speak with HVAC professionals. These experts can help you decide which system is best for your heating and cooling needs and budget. For more information about heat pump installation, contact Air Plus HVAC, Inc., today!

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