5 Signs Your AC Is About to Break Down in Santa Monica, CA

A malfunctioning air conditioner can quickly leave your family frustrated and uncomfortable. Requesting repairs as soon as you notice a problem will stop the issue from spreading and costing you more. Here are a few common signs that indicate you could be in for an AC breakdown in Santa Monica, CA.

1. Increased Energy Costs

Your utility costs tend to fluctuate depending on the season and your HVAC usage. However, sudden increases in your bills could point to a struggling system. The harder your air conditioner has to work to provide comfort, the more electricity it will require.

2. Lackluster Airflow

Your HVAC system should have no issue delivering consistently cold air through your vents. The potential causes of decreased airflow can range from a dirty air filter to an issue with your blower motor. It’s often safest to call in a professional for repairs rather than risk the system breaking down.

3. Foul Smells

A healthy air conditioner won’t produce any smells when it cools your home. Any abnormal odors may mean the system needs service. For example, a faint mustiness may point to a fungus problem, while burning could indicate internal overheating.

4. Unusual Vibration

Monitor your air conditioner for loud shaking or vibrating when the system kicks on. This is a symptom of hard-starting, which is a problem that impacts the system’s compressor and motor. The extra strain that hard-starting puts on your air conditioner increases its risk of a full breakdown.

5. Loud System Noises

After your air conditioner starts, you should only hear a droning or humming noise. Sounds that are causes for concern include rattling, grinding, hissing or squealing.

Air conditioner functioning issues become more common as your system ages. By catching the warning signs early, you can protect your air conditioner from more serious concerns. Contact Air Plus HVAC, Inc. today for superior AC replacements in Santa Monica, CA.

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