3 Ductless Noises and What They Mean in Los Angeles, CA

Some heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems distribute cooled air directly into the room without relying on ducts. Often, they operate quietly unless there is an underlying issue. Here are three noises you may hear coming from your ductless HVAC system in Los Angeles, CA and what they mean.

1. Hissing Sounds

Ductless systems have a refrigerant that absorbs heat from the indoor air and takes it to the outdoor unit. There may be holes in the coils or the refrigerant line. If so, the refrigerant is probably leaking out of the system.

Since the refrigerant is usually under high pressure, it creates a hissing sound as it escapes through the gaps. When your system works with inadequate refrigerant, it cannot absorb heat as it should. It must work longer before cooling your home to the desired levels, thus using more energy.

Refrigerants are highly toxic, and you should hire a professional to repair your ductless system. A technician will refill the refrigerant to the proper levels so that your system runs efficiently.

2. Rattling Noises

Your ductless system has numerous components in the indoor and outdoor units. After running for a while, the screws holding these parts in place can loosen. Dirt and debris, like small stones and twigs, can also fall inside the outdoor unit.

When your system works, the loose parts and debris can move and hit the interior framing of the units. This produces a rattling sound. A technician can fix loose parts during annual maintenance and remove debris.

3. Squealing Noises

A squealing sound in your ductless system is often due to a malfunctioning fan motor or a worn-out belt. After some time, these parts may corrode or come loose. When the blower works, the fan motor and belt produce the squealing noise.

Ductless HVAC systems are complex, and you should hire a professional technician to find the cause of weird noises and fix the issue. When you are ready to enjoy the benefits of a ductless system, contact us at Air Plus HVAC, Inc.

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