3 Benefits of Fall Heat Pump Maintenance in North Hollywood, CA

Maintenance may not be the flashiest and most complicated HVAC-related work. Still, its importance is impossible to overstate. Here are some reasons why heat pump maintenance is essential for North Hollywood, CA residents in the fall.

1. Getting Ready for Winter

Temperatures take a considerable dip in the fall from their summer highs. Still, they have a long way to go before reaching winter levels. Autumn is best to prepare your heat pump for winter.

A fall tune-up will detect underlying issues, allowing HVAC technicians to fix them before they worsen. If the problems the technicians discover are too serious to repair, you can get a new heat pump in time for the winter. This is far preferable to getting stuck without heating when temperatures are at their coldest.

2. Higher Efficiency

Getting a fall heat pump tune-up will generally increase the efficiency of your system. A more efficient heat pump also creates less wear and tear, maximizing its lifespan.

3. Better Indoor Air Quality

At least some of the air that travels through your ductwork will contain pollutants. Though heat pumps have air filters designed to tackle this problem, over time, those filters will clog up as debris accumulates. The more the filth accumulates, the more it will find its way into your home, diminishing your indoor air quality.

During a maintenance visit, technicians will clean the unit and check your heat pump’s air filter. Keeping up with routine maintenance services is an easy and effective way to help ensure your home’s indoor air quality remains at a high level.

If you live around North Hollywood, CA, there’s no better time to tune up your heat pump than in the fall. Call Air Plus HVAC, Inc., and ask for our HVAC maintenance services.

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