Air Quality

With the large amount of time people spend indoors, it’s important to keep the air we breathe clean to prevent sicknesses and the various pollutants traveling in the air. Keep your family and the ones you love healthy with Air Plus’s indoor air quality solution. The Indoor Environment Group of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory explains how indoor air quality can increase comfort, work and school performance, and decrease negative health effects you can read in detail here. Sustaining pure indoor air quality is made easier with the latest energy efficient air conditioning systems Air Plus has to offer you.

Electronic Air Filtration

Air Plus’s electronic air filters simply take the polluted air inside your home and filtrate it with an electric charge before passing it through various plates that hold the opposite charge. Since the opposite charges attract, gathering and removing these airborne contaminants is quicker and more efficient, killing up to 99% of them. Electronic air filters remove airborne particles as small as 1.0 microns, including smoke and dust particles normal disposable filters can’t. Air Plus’s air purifiers can potentially alleviate symptoms of asthma and family members who suffer from allergies.

Ultra Violet Air Filtration

Ultraviolet Air Purifiers destroy unwanted and harmful micro-organisms such as germs, allergens, viruses, bacteria, and mold with the use of UV Rays. UV light controls airborne and surface microbial growth by breaking organic molecular bonds. This is an efficient process to cleanse the polluted air that comes into your home or office, and keep your children and family members safe. Air Plus can provide an indoor quality filtration system to benefit the whole family.

Air Quality & Filtration: Installation and Maintenance Services with Air Plus

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