Central Air Conditioning

About Central Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is referred to the changing of air in a given room, home, office or building by using a machine, system or appliance. While most air conditioners (or ACs) are used for cooling, some may also be installed with an option for heating as well. Central Air Conditioners make the air in the room, home, office, or building more favorable to a person’s needs. When the room gets unbearably hot you can turn to Central Air Conditioning to cool you down.

Installation of Central Air Conditioning by Air Plus HVAC

The installation of Central Air Conditioners by Air Plus is fast, easy and affordable. Our highly trained technicians are reliable, friendly and knowledgeable in what they do. Choose Air Plus and we guarantee you will be satisfied with both the installation process and the end result.

Maintenance of Central Air Conditioners

Just like any other machine, Central Air Conditioners need a periodic maintenance. Maintenance for Central Air Conditioning systems include inspection, cleaning, lubrication, filter change, and adjustment. By regular maintenance of your AC system, you will not only lengthen its life cycle but you will also cut down on cooling and heating costs.

To schedule a maintenance service with Air Plus, please fill out our Online Service Service Request Form and we will schedule a maintenance service at your convenience. Or you can call us at (818)326-4808 for a FREE estimate.